Three types
of LEDs

specific frequency of
adjustable light and
calibrated not to dazzle
the patient's eye


Tear film

It allows to evaluate and
observed in vivo
the interference fringes



assessment the amount
and regolaruty aqueous
observing the meniscus



Observe and evaluate
the fluorescein framework
with and without contact lenses



Observe and evaluate
in vivo integrity and
of the glands

EASYTEAR®view+ All in One – The true new Tearscope – A single instrument to evaluate a complete tear film eye condition with a non invasive method.

The dacryoscope EASYTEAR®view+ [from the greek dákryon = tear; skope = observation] is a ophtalmic diagnostic instrument designed and developed to facilitate advanced analysis of tear film and the anterior segment of the eye in a non-invasive way.

The distinctive peculiarity of EASYTEAR®view+ dacrioscope is to have three specific LEDs (white, blue and infrared) dimmable intensity light, calibrated not to dazzle the eye of the patient and to minimize any alteration of the tear film during the examination. It is also compact and practical because it uses rechargeable batteries.

With EASYTEAR®view+ you can easily visualize in vivo the interference fringes of the lipid layer in tear film, consider height of tear meniscus, with grids evaluate NIBUT (Non Invasive Break-Up time), evaluate BUT (Break-Up time), NIDUT (Non Invasive Dehydration Up time) to evaluate the wettability of contact lenses, observe and evaluate the Meibomian glands and finally evaluate the pupil diameter in various lighting conditions.

EASYTEAR®view+ is a complete instrument for tear film test (ALL in ONE) because it replaces the classics test lacrimal and reduces the sitting time, with obvious benefits.

EASYTEAR®view+ have a large through hole that allows the binocular observation of slit lamp, so the details are evaluated with three-dimensional vision. It is can be mounted on slit lamp of any type and brands with a universal bracket.

EASYTEAR®view+ allows you to perform the main non invasive tear assessment tests aimed at diagnosis of dry eye. It through the analysis of the tear allows you to choose the best eye drops for target the root cause of dry, red, or itchy eyes without worsening existing irritation and choose the best contact lens specifications between many type of polymer in the world market.

EASYTEAR®view+ is an instrument CE marked, Class 1 Medical Device complies with Directive 93/42/EEC, registered at Italian Ministry of Health with identifier BD/RDM n.1401945.
CLASS 1 medical electrical equipment compliant EN 60601-1.
Compliant with Group 1 of EN 62471 and EN 15004-2
International patent

The white LEDs of EASYTEAR® view+ create a wide corneal reflection that is able to highlight the phenomenon of interference fringes of the lipid layer of the tear film. In this way, the clinician can estimate the thickness of tear film. In addition by means of suitable grids is possible to record NiBut and irregularities of the corneal surface.
EASYTEAR®view+  allows to obtain a wide field of observation thanks to its contoured shape that allows to easily get closer to the face of the patient. It is designed to easily perform maneuvers such as eyelid eversion, push-up testing and contact lens handling.

The blue LEDs of EASYTEAR® view+ produce an illuminated area larger than that produced by normal slit lamps. In this way it is possible to observe the fluorescein patterns of large diameter contact lenses as limbar and scleral lenses. With this illumination you can perform BUT, blink analysis and evaluation of corneal stainig.

The infrared LEDs of EASYTEAR® view+ allow the examiner to investigate the integrity and functionality of the Meibomian glands. To correctly visualize the Meibomian glands (MG) and to assess their integrity, in addition to the subversion of the upper or lower eyelid, one of the optional combined devices can be installed on  EASYTEAR®view + dacryoscope.

The design, size, ease of use and manageability with the ability to use rechargeable batteries, are essential characteristics that place EASYTEAR®view+ dacrioscope as the best instrument in his field.
Major applications of EASYTEAR® view +

  • Tear film assessment and dynamic
  • Assessment of the lipid layer of the preocular tear film (POTF lipidic patterns)
  • Observation of the tear reservoir (Meniscus)
  • Corneal surface irregularities by means of grids and Placido’s disc
  • Non invasive tear film break up time (NiBut) measurement. (NiBut is very predictive test as evaluates the tear film without alterations produced by fluorescein)
  • Evaluation of the integrity and functionality of the Meibomian glands
  • Evaluation of pre-lens tear film dehydration (The evaluation of the quality of the surface can enhance the fitting success)
  • Evaluation of RGP and Scleral lens fluorescein patterns
  • Diagnosis of dry eye syndromes and tear film deficiencies
  • Evaluation of pupil diameter and functionality in different light conditions

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